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Thank you for stopping by to check us out! We are excited about the prospect of meeting you. Whether you found us because one of our family, I mean awesome clients, referred you, or you just happened to stumble upon us because you need a dog walker or sitter, we have no doubt that once you meet us, you are going to love us. (Check out our Happy Clients page!) We cannot wait to find out what you are looking for in a dog walker or sitter because we know no two, people or pets, are created equal. Book your Meet and Greet today so we can add you to our family too!

How to

Book Your Meet and Greet

Create Account in our online

client portal. You will receive

a confirmation email with

further instructions.

Fill out your personal profile;

Fill out your pet’s profile;


Go to Schedule and select

“Request New Service”,

Then book your Meet and Greet!



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